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The Flames of Submission Series

Book 1 – Katie’s Journey into Submission


Katie Moore’s desire provokes her to learn and try BDSM for the first time. She needs to find someone who can teach her how to submit to a passion she yet understands.

Sexy, shy, and willing, Katie is ready to take the journey into submission with the help of her long-lost crush from high school. Mike Weber is determined to train her to be a submissive, but will outside forces tear them apart?

Her journey is bound to have ecstasy, eagerness and some agony, while she tiptoes through her daily life, hiding her deepest secrets. Will you travel the road less taken, or flee with fear?

Her journey starts as a dream. Where will it end?

Book 2 – Katie’s Broken Trust

Broken Trust

Submission is earned. Trust is earned. Trust comes before obedience.

Mike, Katie, and her daughter, Kristy, fly to Maine so Katie’s parents can meet their granddaughter for the first time. While there, Mike is introduced to Sydney, Katie’s sister. She notices his BDSM bracelet and is jumping for joy inside, wondering if he is sub or Dom. She is looking for her own sub and sets her eyes on Mike.

Upon their return home to Florida, Mike becomes angry and withdrawn. He buys a house with Katie and Kristy in mind, but finally tells Katie he needs to figure everything out before attempting to settle down with them.
Sydney comes to visit, and witnesses what’s going on between Katie and Mike. Katie knows that something is wrong, but can’t quite put her finger on it. Mike continues to shut her out, battering Katie’s trust. She is in love with the man of her dreams, but will the fights rip them apart? Can she still trust him with her safety and wellbeing in their BDSM scenes?
Once trust is broken, can it ever truly be mended?

Book 3 – Rekindled Love


Sydney Moore is an astute businesswoman. She’s driven, caring, and helpful. She’s also demanding, powerful, and domineering. She takes what she wants. She owns the day! Sydney is a Domme that trains couples to let their true nature flourish with the ways of BDSM, and to rediscover the joy in their relationship. She works tirelessly alongside couple after couple, with barely a thought to her own happiness and desires.

Her older sister, Katie, though naive and less worldly does possess something Sydney is lacking: a family of her own! Sydney wants her own child, with a willing, obedient man. She is looking for love, but love doesn’t always come along when we’re looking. Sometimes love comes in surprising ways, and from those we least expect. Will Sydney ever find the love she craves so deeply, or will she be forever rekindling others’ love while her heart yearns for more?

Book 4 – Katie’s Climax



Some are attached at the hip. Some share a bathroom, makeup, and a closet full of clothes. Some sisters can finish each other’s sentences. The Moore sisters are total opposites. Katie wants to beg, kneel, and submit to a strong dominant man. Sydney wants to take a strong man and make him beg, kneel, and submit.

Make no mistake, though, no man could ever come between these two dynamic sisters, but Lord help the sister that comes between she and her man!

This final installment of the Flames of Submission series ‘ties up’ all the loose ends for Sydney, Mike, and Katie. Will Sydney find the pain-loving submissive she desires to fill the gap in her life and the hole in her heart? Will Katie ever forgive Sydney and Mike for their indiscretions? Can Mike overcome his past to become the Dom he knows he can be? Did Sydney rush off to attend the funeral of Becky’s slave?

The wait is over… it’s time for Katie’s Climax!


Standalone Books

Bound to Love – A dark, BDSM, thriller/romance.


Carrie was a simple girl next door looking to build a new future for herself. Her family moved away recently leaving Carrie without purpose. When she goes to her family doctor’s office for a physical, things quickly go from bad to worse. Trapped by a madman, will Carrie find the path to her freedom or will she be bound to the man who has taken her for eternity?

What would you do if you went for a physical at your childhood doctor’s office and found yourself bound and sold into slavery? Follow Carrie’s frightening tale that leads her down a path of terror and, strangely, ecstasy. Think you could fall for your captor? For some, it’s bound to happen.

To read the first 5 chapters free, click here or the link at the beginning of Chapter six.

Works in Progress

Inferno – Book one of my new series coming summer 2018!

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