Sydney’s Domme Duds

In Broken Trust, the 2nd book in my Flames of Submission series, Sydney’s dominant tendencies become more than poor, sweet Katie can take. She may not be the man-stealer that everyone believes, though. She likes to let everyone know who’s in charge, but she is lonely. She loves to administer pain, but nothing soothes her pain and loneliness like the submission she earns in Katie’s Climax. Your reviews mean so much!


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Jon, Becky’s Whipping Boy

Amazon Purple CropIn Rekindled Love, Becky takes Jon by the balls and gets to experience the control she’s always desired! Jon fights the submission inside at first but soon finds a peace and calm that comes only from allowing the one you love to have ultimate control over you. Read about the battle and the unmitigated lust that comes over both Jon and Becky in my 3rd book in the Flames of Submission series. Your reviews are always appreciated!

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