I’m Tom Speed, a father, husband, fire captain, and bondage enthusiast. I write stories about erotic romance and BDSM. I’ve been into bondage for as long as I can remember. It became a passion over the years, as I learned that it’s not just a desire, but a lifestyle. When I was younger, I felt shame and doubts about my desires. When I discovered so many others on the internet interested in the same things as me, I was finally comforted and felt as if I could finally be free to be who I was.
Over time, I began to write short stories to express my passion and have moved to books. I’m writing my first series, four books about bondage (BDSM). This series will show how everyday folks tackle the day-to-day while feeding their desires.

I know what it’s like to hide that part of myself from my closest friends and family. I hope my books will be entertaining, enlightening, and provide encouragement to those with the same passion.

Come join the journey and read about your desires, or delve into some new ones.

*Adult books, 18+*